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Generally speaking, if you suffer a pain in your body, from something very minor to a severe pain, it is a sign that something in your body just isn’t right. If you fall and hurt your arm or leg, you will likely seek medical attention as soon as possible. You know this is the right thing to do. It should be the same reaction when you are suffering tooth pain, even if it is just a dull ache. Tooth pain is reason enough to schedule an appointment with your Burke general dentist. But you might be wondering what are the likely causes of your tooth pain.

A discomfort that lasts only a several moments usually doesn’t signal a serious problem. It could be a sign of tooth sensitivity. If you suffer sensitive teeth, use a soft toothbrush and don’t brush more than twice a day. There are also products on the market, like toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth, that might help. No need to make an emergency visit to your Burke dentist for sensitive teeth.

If you suffer a sharp pain when biting down on food, you could have a loose filling or even a cracked tooth. In either of these situations, you will certainly want to visit your Burke dentist. Decay will need to be removed and your filling replaced. If there is pulp damage, you may need a root canal.

A constant, severe pain could be the result of an infection or abscess that has spread. In this case, seek the services of your dentist right away.

These are just examples of what is causing your tooth pain and the problems and solutions are only suggestions. But if you are suffering tooth pain or discomfort, schedule an appointment with your Burke dentist today.

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In the hands of an expert artist

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Brenna K.

Excellent Dentist

Dr. Lynch is an excellent dentist. Great credentials (Tufts Dental School), top notch work, and a gentle touch. The crown and filling that he installed for me were flawless. The resurfacing …Read More

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