Peace of mind concerning your oral care begins with having the best dentist for you!  If you’re looking for genuine care, clinical expertise and thoroughness with skills in the latest technologies and a passion for aesthetics then come see Dr. Bernard W. Lynch, DMD FAGD at Dental Care Burke.

Dr. Bernard Lynch is an established Dentist in Burke, VA with a modern approach to oral care.  His intention is to be the best dentists for his patients which includes ensuring their long-term, overall health and comfort.  He takes a holistic approach to dental health, making sure that all possible problems are addressed well before they lead to more trouble and a much more costly experience.  Dr. Bernard Lynch is passionate about finding new and creative ways to help his patients be more comfortable in a dentist’s chair and delivering the best overall oral health. He has been recognized as one of the top dentists in Burke many times over due to his thoroughness and constant attention to the feelings and mind-set of his patients while they’re in his care.

Striving for the best results with the highest comfort, Dr. Bernard Lynch stays up-to-date with the latest technology and dentistry advances. He knows how important it is to never stop learning about dentistry, and because of that, he insists on keeping himself in and among the top organizations, groups, and colleagues in the industry. He has spent two decades pursuing new and emerging technologies and advancements in dentistry in order to get the best results for his patients and create a safe and comfortable environment when they’re in his care.

Dr. Bernard Lynch understands that dentistry is a rapidly changing field; needs and wants are different today than even just five years ago. Having a mouth that is free of biological and functional issues is important, but nowadays that isn’t enough.  As a dentist who values communication with his patients and listens to their concerns, one of the things he has found is that people want naturally beautiful smiles that are not “ cookie cutter” — they want their smiles and laughter to harmonize with their unique features and, most importantly, with their personality.  Aware of all the contributing factors that are necessary to make patients more satisfied beyond conventional dentistry, he is among a handful of top dentists who have been clinically trained in the technology of Smile Design, which requires an artistic vision and specific skills.

Dr. Bernard Lynch offers Smile Designs to his patients and together, they create a smile that reflects the patient’s own personality and greatly enhances their appearance.

Dr. Bernard Lynch considers dentistry to be as much as a precision craftsmanship and art as it is a medical science.  Your smile is a very important part of your personality.   Your smile should be both beautiful and natural.  At Dental Care Burke, we believe in utilizing clinical skills, technology and genuine care to deliver high quality, precision dental service. We put your goals, oral health and comfort above everything else.