Gum disease and cavities are two examples of dental problems that develop over the course of months and even years, mainly due to dental health neglect. But there will be those times when sensitivity or pain in your teeth can come on very suddenly and you may need the services of your Burke emergency dentist. Sometimes, it’s not easy to distinguish whether you have a tooth or gum issue that requires emergency care, or what to do about it for that matter. Here is a list of situations that call for the care of an emergency dentist.

Broken Tooth– In the case of a cracked or broken tooth, you should see your emergency dentist immediately. But until you can get to your dentist’s office, rinse your mouth with warm water and then apply a cold compress on the outside of the affected area.

Loose Tooth– If you somehow manage to partially dislodge one of your teeth, give your emergency dentist in Burke a call as there is a chance the tooth can be saved. But until you can get to the dentist’s office, apply a cold compress to the affected area and take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

Knocked Out Tooth– If you happen to completely lose a tooth, grasp it by the crown and rinse off the root, but avoid scrubbing it or removing any tissue that remains intact. Place the tooth in milk as it will act as a preservative and see your emergency dentist immediately.

In future posts, we will examine other dental emergencies and how best to deal with them.