A dental bridge is a fixed structure provided to replace or repair dental tissue so as to restore its form and function.   A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth (or several teeth) by joining an artificial tooth permanently to adjacent teeth or pre-existing dental implants.    There are several reasons why people may have missing or lost teeth such as periodontal (gum) disease, poor oral hygiene, trauma or injury, age, genetics, clenching, bruxism (grinding) and poor diet.  Missing teeth can have a negative impact not only on your smile, but also on your overall oral health.   Gaps from missing or lost teeth alter the alignment and integrity of your surrounding teeth.  This can cause you serious problems down the road.   Missing teeth can also result in unwanted, painful periodontal disease and decay.

Dental Bridges can be used to:

  • Aid and correct a person’s bite. They prevent neighboring teeth from shifting or drifting into the empty space. They also prevent alterations that may lead to the development of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) .
  • Improve the facial appearance of the person by dramatically improving structure, form and function.
  • Improve speech and articulation, especially of “f” and “S” sounds.
  • Maintain the natural facial contours as well as lip support.
  • Prevent gum diseases, which is caused by accumulated food in the gaps where teeth are missing.


Traditional dental bridge procedure normally takes two appointments with Dr. Bernard Lynch.

During the first visit to your general dentist in Burke, the support structure of the abutment teeth is prepared. The preparation for this involves recontouring these teeth by removing some of the enamel to allow room for a crown to be placed over them.  Impressions of the teeth are then made, serving as a model from which the dental bridge will be made by a dental lab.  Dr. Bernard Lynch will make a temporary bridge for you to wear to protect the exposed teeth and gums while the actual dental bridge is being made.

During the second visit, your temporary bridge will be removed.  The new porcelain or metal dental bridge will be inserted, checked and adjusted, as necessary, to ensure a proper fit.  Depending on each individual case, additional visits may be required to check the fit of the framework and bite.


Dr. Bernard Lynch can provide you with a high-quality dental bridge to fill in the gaps where teeth are missing.  As well, a dental bridge helps to preserve the structure of your remaining teeth and bite.  Our dental bridges are designed to help our patients eat with comfort and smile with greater confidence.   When you come to Bernard W. Lynch, DMD, FAGD for dental bridges, you’ll benefit from an expert dentist who really cares about you, high quality service,  our dedicated staff and an individualized approach to restorative dentistry.

To find out more about dental bridges or to schedule an appointment with our dentist, call Dr, Bernard W. Lynch at Dental Care Burke today!