1. Art and aesthetics show in his skills and care!

    Dr. Lynch saw my artwork and was sincerely interested in what I do as an artist.  His appreciation for art led to a dental visit, that I must admit, I did not want to go to. As someone who hates going to the dentist, I was impressed by every aspect of his service and care and how at ease I immediately felt (not to mention, the dental chairs are probably more comfortable than my couch). This was t…Read More

    J.W. ​
  2. In the hands of an expert artist

    I've head so many amazing things about Dr. Bernard Lynch and the way he cares and how trusted he is. Since I was way overdue do for a cleaning (5 years!) I went to Dr.Lynch's office. Pam, the hygienist, did the cleaning -- it actually felt... good??? I know! She was so careful and thorough. Okay, so that's a big check mark for his hygienist. Then Dr. Lynch entered to ensure the cleaning was to his…Read More

    Brenna K.
  3. Excellent Dentist

    Dr. Lynch is an excellent dentist. Great credentials (Tufts Dental School), top notch work, and a gentle touch. The crown and filling that he installed for me were flawless. The resurfacing of my front teeth also turned out nicely. I say "gentle touch" because he checks with you every step of the way to make sure you're comfortable, and administered the novocaine in a way that it wouldn't hurt (nu…Read More

    Google Plus user
  4. Clinical Expertise

    The accuracy and the clinical expertise that Dr. Lynch exhibits  definitely shows through when it comes to treatment planning and delivering the case and most of all, at the end of the day, you can tell that Dr. Lynch cares for every single one of his patients.…Read More

    Joseph Lee, Chief Operating Officer Protech Dental Studio, Inc. (Dental Technician)
  5. Very Uplifting

    Dr. Lynch not only provides me with outstanding dental care – he always does it with a very uplifting, positive and compassionate personality.  Since I first started seeing him several years ago, he has literally transformed my mouth by fixing my dental problems so I no longer suffer from constant sensitive teeth due to sinus issues.   Additionally, he performs the dental work in such a way t…Read More

    Joan Snavely
  6. Best Service

    Dr. Lynch and team always go above the level of mediocrity ensuring my teeth are healthy.   From regular teeth cleaning to invisalign, I get the best service!  Thanks!…Read More

    Megan Schmitz
  7. I Love the Results

    The results turned out so beautiful that, on occasion when stopped at a traffic light, I’ve pulled down the sun visor to admire my teeth.  On several occasions the light had turned green and drivers behind me had to blow their horn to get me to stop admiring my teeth.  I love the results!…Read More

    Donna Leigh
  8. Great Dental Skills

    I’m really impressed with the high-end dental work that Dr. Lynch does. He cares for his patients like they’re part of his family.  It's his great dental skills, innate warmth and sincerity that make the difference in his care.…Read More

    D. Lakkis DDS, MS
  9. Painless Procedures

    I researched the credentials of various dentists referred to me and what impressed me about Dr. Lynch (why I contacted him) was his results, not only in general dentistry but also in implant care and his skill in newer technologies.  Prior to Dr. Lynch I had quite a bit of work done, some pretty uncomfortable procedures, and the previous dentists were like, “That’s just the pain that you’re…Read More

    Heather Taylor
  10. Genuine Care

    What stands out about Dr. Lynch is his thoroughness and his genuine care for his patients. He really wants to achieve the best quality care for his patients and they trust him. When referred to my office for specialty endodontic evaluation and treatment, they arrive very well informed.  He takes the time and effort to provide them with the education that’s customized to their situation. The pat…Read More

    Scott K. Hetz, DMD Diplomate, American Board of Endodontics